Procedural accreditation

Procedural accreditation is the mechanism of establishment of the special regime of cooperation between the IAIQP and the person concerned regarding implementation of certification and/or patenting procedures. This regime assumes that such person will repeatedly order certification or patenting services of the IAIQP in future.

In conditions of the procedural accreditation regime a person concerned declares his potential will to make numerous requests to the IAIQP regarding patenting and/or certification expertise services in future. In this regard such person acquires the status of the Accredited Partner of the IAIQP. Besides standard bonuses in patenting and certification programs the Accredited Partner of the IAIQP receives a 5% discount for the second and the following services of the IAIQP. However the Accredited Partner of the IAIQP annually pays 300 €. If necessary, such fees are included in the bill for services purchased in the IAIQP repaid by the Accredited Partner of the IAIQP.

Procedural accreditation is established on the basis of the application of the person concerned. It is officialized by the special certificate and the honorary mark. It is limited by the period of time repaid by the person concerned through the necessary annual fees.

Accredited Partner of the IAIQP acquires the following rights:

  •  place the Accreditation mark on all products and documents (regardless of the fact of passing the certification and/or patenting expert assessment by the relevant production) during the whole period of validity of procedural accreditation;
  •  use free legal support of the IAIQP concerning all matters of passing certification or patenting expert assessments and subsequent implementation of relevant rights and opportunities;
  •  receive free subscription for the IAIQP catalogs;
  •  be listed among official partners of the IAIQP on official websites and in publications of projects;
  •  after passing the second certification and/or patenting procedure - render paid or free consulting services to persons requiring such assistance and interested in passing certification and/or patenting expert assessments;
  •  after successful passing of the second certification and/or patenting procedure - pass the expert accreditation* and receive the official status: Expert Organization of the IAIQP.

* - The expert accreditation in this case assumes presentation of not more than 3 persons from the list of own employees (their personal qualities must meet the requirements to the IUCI experts) for the IAIQP to consider them as the expert status candidates.

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