Membership accreditation

Membership accreditation is the procedure of acquisition of membership in the IAIQP as well as the right to take part in activity of the IAIQP Expert Chamber by legal entities and individuals.

Only authoritative legal entities and individuals which can reasonably claim for the IAIQP expert status can become members of the IAIQP. Members and official experts of the IAIQP have the right to take part in activity of the Expert Chamber and in relevant decision-making in conditions of status equality. Decisions of the Expert Chamber are made by the majority of votes. The quorum needed is not less than 2/3 of the general number of members of the Chamber.

Annual fees for the IAIQP membership: 200€ for individuals and 400€ for legal entities.

Membership in the IAIQP is provided on the basis of application of the person concerned. This application must be approved by the IAIQP Secretary-General. Membership is officialized by the certificate, honorary badge and the title: the IAIQP Expert Academician.

Members of the IAIQP have the right to receive double discounts and bonuses for expert services established by the IAIQP. They also have the right to transfer such discounts to their partners twice every year.

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