Any person, registering on this website for any reason, automatically accepts the following agreement:


Agreement on accession to the project ICSQ-775 / IOSCEAAD-775 on terms officially announced by the IUCI.


Hereby the IUCI (hereinafter referred to as the Organizer), represented by the head of the IUCI Expert Board Stevens Godvint, the GISAP L.P. company, represented by its Chief Executive Arthur Morris (hereinafter referred to as the Executor) and the IUCI project (hereinafter referred to as the Project) participant or any other person interested in certain outcome of implementation of the IUCI project (hereinafter referred to as the Person Concerned) have entered into this Agreement as follows:

1. The Person Concerned wishing to take part in the Project, reasonably affect its results or make own related claims and demand for their official consideration in accordance with the rules established by the IUCI, therefore joins the relevant Project on terms officially announced by the IUCI.

2. This Agreement is the free contract of adhesion of the Person Concerned to the IUCI projects in the relevant role.

3. In the framework of all IUCI projects, any person officially addressing the IUCI regarding commitment of legally significant actions related to projects, automatically becomes the participant of the corresponding projects on terms of this Agreement and other rules officially announced by the IUCI.

4. The Executor provides all the resources required to ensure proper implementation of all aspects of the IUCI projects.

5. In relation to entities, whose products have positively passed the certification under the ICSQ-775 standard or patenting under the IOSCEAAD-775 standard, their official international representative and the beneficiary (in relation to benefits brought by the indicated legal facts, in the volume coordinated with Persons Concerned) shall be the Executor - company GISAP L.P. (Douglas, Scotland South Lanarkshire, United Kingdom).

6. All disputes, disagreements, claims or demands arising from this Agreement and from facts of participation of Persons Concerned in the IUCI projects in roles provided for in this Agreement or emerging in connection to it, as well as the disputes, disagreements, claims or demands related to fulfilment, violation, termination or invalidity of this Agreement, shall be settled in the American International Commercial Arbitration Court (LLC) in accordance with its Regulations.


7. This Agreement shall be of indefinite duration. It may be terminated by complete fulfilment of mutual obligations by the parties, acceptance of such fulfilment by contractors, or voluntary refusal to perform the Agreement by parties.