The International Academy of Intellect and Qualitative Progress

The International Academy of Intellect and Qualitative Progress (IAIQP) is an independent structural Department of the IUCI uniting scientists and practitioners from different countries, professionally engaged in problems of international recognition and protection of such status assets as the copyright and business reputation of participants of the commercial turnover, scientists-researchers, innovators, bearers of exclusive knowledge, skills and abilities as well as other persons concerned.

The IAIQP is governed by the independent Expert Chamber, formed by the accredited members of the Academy and experts of the IUCI. It is headed by the Secretary-General, introduced by the IUCI and elected by the Expert Chamber for the term of three years.

Within the structure of the IUCI the IAIQP has fully specialized competence and the right to fulfill relevant authorities independently on behalf of the IUCI. Officials of the IUCI do not have the right to interfere in this process except cases when the activity of the IAIQP and decisions made by its governance may cause any material or non-material damage to the IUCI, its members, partners or customers. In such situations the IUCI has the right to veto any decisions of the governance and officials of the IAIQP and bring the matter concerning the dismissal of the stated persons.

In case of functional necessity and in order to raise the efficiency of its activities the IAIQP may also create other accountable governing bodies and provide them with the delegated competence apart from the Expert Chamber and the Secretary-General.

The IAIQP has its own symbols, blanks and special stamp. Documents of the IAIQP are additionally verified by the authorized officials of the IUCI and have its stamp. This makes such documents fully legitimate.

The IAIQP acts on behalf and in interests of the IUCI within the delegated competence without any agreements or other additional documents.