Experts in patenting

Professional experts of the IUCI

In the process of patenting the IUCI holds to the standard practice - involving experienced and highly professional experts. The list of participants of the expert commission in every case must ensure the optimal combination of the necessary theoretical knowledge and practical skills.

Persons invited to expert groups are chosen on the basis of their relevance and sufficiency of their knowledge and skills for objective and professional assessment of patentability of creative activity results. These are the following main categories of specialists: experts from the list of members or partners of the IUCI + specialists in the field of economics, management, commerce, sociology, psychology, technology, offered by the IASHE + experts and specialists of major specialized companies + leading scientists in the field of physics, chemistry, technology, commerce, management and other branches + experts of trading and commercial chambers from around the world - experts of national and international exchanges of goods and resources.


Registration of experts, mechanism of formalization and organization of expert activities and main procedural elements of expert assessments within the patenting procedure are similar to the rules of expert activities within the ICSQ-775 certification standard.


Open international expert community

Open international expert community is a community of scientists and practitioners, registered on the official IUCI website as associated members of the IUCI and permitted to take part in free assessment of patentability of relevant objects upon condition of correspondence of their professional competence. Persons concerned prejudicing the patentability of the object and capable (and ready) to substantiate their objections can be included into the list of members of the open international expert community.