Expert accreditation

Expert accreditation is the procedure of individual expert status assignment or providing legal entities with the status of the IAIQP Expert Organization. Expert accreditation of individuals (scientists, authoritative analysts, public figures or qualified practitioners working in various spheres of social activity) is carried out upon the initiative of the IAIQP or individuals concerned.

Expert accreditation of individuals is carried out freely on the basis of the relevant application submitted by the expert status candidate. Together with such application an interested person submits copies of documents verifying his educational, academic and professional qualification. The IAIQP makes a decision concerning inclusion of the corresponding person into the list of the IUCI experts taking into account the current deficit of expert staff in the corresponding branch and qualification. Comprehensive analysis of personal documents of the candidate is also carried out.

Expert accreditation of individuals is termless. It is verified by the special international certificate and the badge.

Expert accreditation of the legal entity may have to possible formats:

1) Expert accreditation of the supranational structure, state authority or the civil society institute specializing in implementation of professional activity in various spheres of public life (professional accreditation). Mechanism of professional accreditation of the legal entity corresponds to rules of the expert accreditation of individuals. The only difference is: the applicant provides the IAIQP with documents describing the status and activity of the legal entity.

2) Expert accreditation of the legal entity being the Accredited Partner of the IAIQP.

Expert accreditation of the legal entity is termless. It is verified by the special certificate and the honorary mark.

Legal entities and individuals who have successfully passed the IAIQP accreditation have the right to indicate their expert status in official documents and presentational information during the term of its validity.

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