A concise algorithm of the patent examination procedure under the IOSCEAAD-775 standard in the accelerated format

The international open standard of collegial expert assessment of author's declarations - 775 has been established by the International Union of Commerce and Industry (IUCI, London, UK, http://iuci.eu/). It is implemented through the patent examination procedure in the framework of the project called the International Academy of Intellect and Qualitative Progress (http://academy.iuci.eu/). The procedure of accelerated (i.e., quicker and with simpler implementation methodology) patenting under the IOSCEAAD-775 standard is implemented as follows:


1. The initiator fills in the application (draws up a declaration) for the patent examination;

2. The initiator fills in a questionnaire about the subject of patenting;

3. The initiator submits all required documents and materials characterizing the object of examination:

  •  Standard copy or the preproduction model of the subject of patenting (if it is possible to present it);
  •  Photographs or other images of the subject of patenting (describing all its key quality features);
  •  Video review of the subject of patenting (if there is a need to provide a video confirmed by the Expert Board);
  •  Electronic copies of various documents confirming the status and qualitative assessment of the subject of patenting, as well as the related recommendations, issued by various instances;
  •  The description and main characteristics of the subject of patenting, as well as additional explanations required to impartially evaluate it (in English and in Russian);
  •  Information about the analogues of the subject of patenting possessed by the person concerned;
  •  At least two publications related to the content and analysis of the innovation presented in the framework of the field-specific championships in scientific analytics of the GISAP (http://gisap.eu/) – a project launched by the International Academy of Science and Higher Education (IASHE, London, UK).

4. The contract for conducting the expert examination (to determine the author’s priority) under the International open standard of collegial expert assessment of author's declarations – 775 is concluded between the applicant and the IUCI

5. The established cost of the patent examination is repaid.

6. The materials submitted for expert examination and intended for open access are uploaded to the corresponding section of the website http://academy.iuci.eu/.

7. Original papers written by the initiator of the patent expertise are published in the field-specific journals of the GISAP.

8. The procedure of the General expert assessment of the object by the Professional Expert Board takes place.

9. The final patenting mark is determined during the open expertise.

10. As soon as the final patenting mark is determined, a regime of substantiated contestation of a patent by the third parties will be initiated and last for 3 subsequent years.

11. The patent expertise procedure is formalized after the Professional Expert Board analyses the object. The results of the open expertise can subsequently amend or cancel the verdict of the Expert Council.

12. Formalization of the patenting results:

  •  International Author's Patent Certificate;
  •  Author's (patent) sign (medal);
  •  The right to place the author’s (patent) mark on the copies of the object and the related documents;
  •  Publication of information about the subject and the results of patenting in the IUCI Patent Bulletin (electronic and printed format).

13. Protection of the author's priority in the international arbitration court (confirmation of the patentability of the object by the AICAC award) is an optional stage of the procedure, implemented at the client’s request.