Authoritative accreditation

Authoritative accreditation is carried out automatically in relation to legal entities or individuals who have successfully passed the procedure of certification and/or patenting expertise not less than five times.

Authoritative accreditation is valid during the period of time when the person concerned has only positive results of passing procedures of certification and/or patenting.

As soon as the person concerned being in the status of the authoritative accreditation subject receives 1 negative result of certification and/or patenting expertise, authoritative accreditation of such person will be suspended until restoration of the positive balance of expert decisions in the ratio 5:1 by such a person.

Authoritative accreditation is free. It is termless until the above-mentioned terms are observed. It is officialized by the special certificate, honorary mark - Order of Progress and the title "Knight of Progress" of the national (one star), continental (two stars) or world (three stars) levels. The above-mentioned levels are determined by the Expert Chamber of the IAIQP depending on the correlation of quality and results of certification and/or patenting assessments carried out in relation to the corresponding person, as well as the business authority and scale of professional activity of such a person.

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