Attributes of certification

The certificate is the document verifying the successful passing of the certification on the expert assessment category chosen by the customer with the fixation of specific results of the certification procedure.

Certification sign (medal) is the special image and informational sign, verifying the results of certification, belonging of the object of certification and its defined criteria of quality.

Certification mark is the protective mark, verifying the results of the certification, belonging of the certification object and its defined criteria of quality. This mark is to be placed on basic documents, related to object of certification and on their presentational copies.

Certification identifier is the visual image, verifying the results of certification, belonging of the certification object and its defined criteria of quality. The identifier is to be placed on informational segments of samples of the certification object and documents connected with it.

Guarantees are one-sided acts of the IUCI, drawn up following the results of the expert procedures, stating full or partial suretyship of the IUCI during the stated term towards the unlimited number of the third persons - consumers of the object of certification (its samples) concerning the correspondence of the quality of such an object to the results of the certification carried out and, as a result, presumption of the relevant conscientiousness of the producer or other appropriate owner of the object in relation to the interested parties.

Reclamation acts are the documents drawn up by the IUCI together with all the interested persons following the results of realization of contracts or their certain parts, concerning the flaws in qualitative parameters of the certification object, acting as the object of commercial transaction.

Certification Registry is the systemized electronic catalog of objects of certification, differentiated by the subject-based, object-based and temporal parameters of the certification results.

Certification Bulletin (periodical advertising-informational issue of the Certification Registry) is a printed issue published together by the IUCI and the IASHE, legally verifying the fact of certification of relevant objects and officially promulgating such information.

International ratings of quality leaders are the annual rankings of the IUCI, presenting the comparative hierarchy of objects of certification and their owners, defined on the basis of objective criteria of depth, scale and periodicity of relevant expert assessments, business reputation of rightholders and opinions of contractors

Other ranking, image, honorary and stimulatory diplomas, certificates, testimonials, medals and figures - various material objects of exclusive and presentable form. These are the carriers of information concerning the certification procedures, their results and also the ranking statuses of certification objects and their rightholders.