Accreditation – is the procedure of assignation of the special status of the person concerned within the framework of relationship between this person and the IUCI represented by the IAIQP. Accreditation is also a confirmation of high quality of products (goods or services), as well as processes of their production.

Within the system of activity of the IAIQP accreditation may have personal or product-related formats.

Personal accreditation is directed to determination of the individual status of the person concerned within the system of activity of the IAIQP. Types of personal accreditation: expert, membership and status (in relation to individual achievements of relevant persons) accreditation. Following the results of implementation of personal accreditation procedure the subject of accreditation is provided with additional rights and obligations in relation to the IUCI represented by the IAIQP.

The same person may be accredited in the IAIQP within several directions of personal accreditation at the same time.

Product-related accreditation has the nature of image verification of correspondence of quality of goods, services and technologies to the generally accepted international quality standard. Types of product-related accreditation: procedural and authoritative accreditation, status (in relation to acknowledgment of the high level of consumer properties of products) accreditation.

The same products and consequences may act as the basis for carrying out various types of product-related accreditation.

A person interested in implementation of the accreditation procedure of any kind must obligatorily place the special IAIQP accreditation sign on his/her official website. Accreditation is accompanied by preparation of special documents and attributes of the relevant person as well as presentation of necessary information on the IAIQP website. All types of accreditation except expert and authoritative accreditation assume payment of established fees.

Accreditation in the IAIQP (except annual status accreditation) is not limited in time, but it can be stopped by the decision of the subject of accreditation or by the decision of the IAIQP - in case if such subject commits actions causing damage to the IUCI, its partners or clients. Non-fulfillment of obligations towards IAIQP may also bring the same result.

Accreditation in the IAIQP is carried out on the basis of application of the person concerned as well as dossier (file) with materials necessary for accreditation submitted by such person.